100% naturel et biodégradableBUGATOR  : Harness perfumes paralyzing the nervous system of bugs.

Total destruction guarantee of bugs and nymphs.

check24 h : stop biting bugs and nymphs           

check60 d : kill bedbugs.

check90 d : The bugator kill the most resistant bedbugs

checkWorldwide delivery

                             "100% natural and biodégradable"

No more chores : washing at 60°, ironing etc

Quickly perk up : cut, place, and that 's all.

AttentionAttentionDon't exceed one diffuser per room to avoid arousing bugs defense system.

Imperatively avoid associating Bugator with other treatment (essential oil, chemical, etc)

Image Product Price
Bugator diffuser 18,00 € each
Kit Total Treatment 39,00 € each

What bugator product is adequate to eradicate bed bugs in your home?
To treat an infested room you should use:
"Pack bugator plus" It allows eradication of the toughest infestations. It consists of 3 self difuser lasting 30 days each, for 90 days of treatment.
The bugator diffuser protects you during your travel.Put in the bag, it prevents a possible infestation. Bugator The self diffuser lasts 30 days.
Need more info? Send us an email bugator@bugator.net or contact us by telephone on 00 261 32 05 032 12 .

BUGATOR: the diffuser that eradicates bed bugs

You are in contact with the research department of laboratory bio-insecticides Aromathera. Our team of researchers, broken a thousand facets of anti bed bugs is at your disposal to get out of isolation, and you totally get rid of the infestation, saving you stress and toxicity. Once you have started the treatment, no more bites! Your concerns and insomnia will fly with bites, you sleep better, and you return to confidence. No other treatment promises bites stop as soon as the start. BUGATOR guarantees 100% protection, and 100 ¨% success in eliminating bed bugs in your home. Where all treatments have failed, BUGATOR claims the role of last resort. Your young children, yourself, and your pet, there is no risk of irritation or allergy.
The length of treatment will protect you from any recurrence impromptu.
As a bonus, you'll save money and time, as it will need to:
- Change bed frame, mattress, which will be discussed in depth.
- Wash all your clothes at 60 °. Suffice it to expose the fragrance, opening cupboards, cabinets and suitcases.

You are faced with an infestation of bed bugs very stressful. Every evening you anxiety to win the bed. You've tried everything, you are desperate, you sleep poorly, nothing works, you lose hope!
Is that you do not know the great powers of essential oils insecticides when they are carefully selected and measured.

Essential oils
Wildly used without knowledge of their properties, essential oils can certainly neutralize stings a time, away from your bed bugs. But then they go away and spread the infestation in the whole house. Trouble!
As for the essential oil diffusers using heat, they are banned, especially in the presence of young children, because toxic beyond 15 minutes due to the high concentration of active substances induced by heat, they not process an infestation.

BUGATOR is the result of several years of research to meet the expectations of alternative clean, safe and effective traditional insecticides. The beam emitted by BUGATOR perfumes, broke the resistance of pests in a completely safe for users and the environment.
The combination of essential oils and plant extracts in a dynamic synergy, maintains the duration of the broadcast, and boosts efficiency. The PVC packaging which houses the insecticide solution, lets escape the perfume, however, slowing the rate of diffusion.
BUGATOR uses essential oils carefully selected, the concentration of which is measured to disrupt insect weighing only one gram. This low concentration, moreover spread over 30 days, guarantees absence of toxicity in infants, asthmatics, and pets.
Although no perceptible odor, continued broadcasting for 30 days, decimating all bedbugs, where they hide, bedbugs are skidded and permanently killed by the perfume, which can carry up to every corner of housing.
For recent infestations, our formulas consist of two broadcasters are remarkably effective, and require no effort on your part.
For chronic infestations, disobedient to any treatment, additional diffuser has been designed, which guarantees total sanitation, without anyone's help.
During treatment, our researchers will listen to you, perfect resolution to your problem and respond quickly to your concerns.


Ecology and Environment – Global Warming – Air and Groundwater Pollution – Proliferation of insect pests harmful to human health and to crops, increasingly resistant to chemical pesticides – all of these are burning issues awaiting an adequate solution.

How to meet the challenge of insect pests increasingly resistant to traditional chemical pesticides without harming human health or the environment ?
Aware of the many exciting possibilities offered by natural plant substances, we have delved into  the fields of entomology and research in order to find answers to these questions.  
Over millenia, plants have devised ways of defending themselves from assaults by insects which are often harmful but nonetheless play a role in maintaining the fragile environmental balance.  So why couldn’t we adopt their techniques, without recourse to the violence of toxic substances ?
These questions led us to carry out long and painstaking research resulting in the development of a new and exclusive concept of insect repellent which is remarkably effective, non toxic for the user and for the environment, economical in its consumption of raw materials, energy and packaging, characterized by its comfort and ease of application, fully compliant with scientific, health and consumer standards covered by the  « Dynamic Ecology » label.  
Known as BUGATOR, our insecticide has rapidly made a name for itself among natural organic products as one of the most effective bedbug repellents, requiring no additional efforts on the part of the user, capable of immediately eradicating these little monsters that have had travellers and indeed the entire tourism industry trembling in their boots.
Soon we will be adding to our product line other specialties for professionals and individual consumers, always under the concept of Dynamic Ecology.
BUGATOR : the diffuser that eliminates BEDBUGS
Global warming and increased travel throughout the world have led to a proliferation of insect pests.  At one time, bedbugs were a concern only for poorer households with inadequate hygiene and sanitation.  But this is no longer the case.  Nowadays bedbugs are everywhere, from inner city neighborhoods to the poshest luxury homes and hotels, whose hygiene is irreproachable, but where a cosy corner can always be found for them to settle in. They are out to conquer the world.  
Bedbugs are silent and don’t require much space.  A crack is enough for them to squeez into, set up housekeeping, and raise a large brood which will spread out to conquer new territory with breathtaking speed.  
A bedbug can lay 4 or 5 eggs a day for a total of up to 400 !  After an incubation period of 21 days, the nymph which is tiny but with a voracious appetite, much more resistant than the adult, devours its prey as it grows and develops.  It survives thanks to its small size, going unnoticed as it hides in the most unexpected places, a wrinkle in a sheet or a mattress, for example. The same as the adult in appearance, it reaches full size after moulting 5 times.  After 3 months it will be ready to lay its own eggs, 4 or 5 a day, and so on if nothing is done.  In just a few months the offspring of one bedbug can number in the thousands !
Even if you leave on vacation they can survive for up to a year without food.  But beware of what happens on your return !  
How do they survive in the face of the more and more aggressive insecticides that are used against them ?  Simple.  Over generations, they have developed a resistance to the chemicals they ingest.  This resistance is passed on to their offspring in the form of a mutation.  And so future treatments will be totally ineffective, much to the dismay of the human occupants.  Every day for 21 days, eggs hatch and the nymphs pursue the work of their parents : they conquer territory, eat, grow, and reproduce.
It’s a real headache, and a serious public health issue.  It is a concern for households whose occupants suffer from lack of sleep, absenteeism, depression, stress and even more serious physchological problems following an infestation.  Not to mention the embarassment and social anxiety caused to the sufferer.  
So far, no reliable alternative has been proposed to fight what has become a veritable scourge in some countries.  The only solution has been to kill bedbugs with violent and toxic chemicals.  But in the long run, this strategy has been counterproductive, as it has made the insects resistant and even more aggressive.
The BUGATOR research team is proud to present its natural self-diffuser, powered only by synthesis of essential oils, emitting a scent which overcomes the bedbugs’ defense mechanisms without provoking their aggressivity.
Unlike all previous products, BUGATOR is a natural dynamic insecticide like that of plants, but so persistent that it overcomes the infestation rapidly, harmlessly, easily and totally.
BUGATOR is a natural alternative which blends with the environment, distilling a light but persistent perfume which overcomes the bedbugs without provoking a defense mechanism.  Thanks to this natural approach, there is no need to fear toxic effects on humans or pets, and no harm to the environment since the product is 100% biodegradable.
BUGATOR will defend every member of the family, from the newborn to the elderly.  Try it and see :
in 24 hours:

It neutralizes and protects you from bugs bites.

in 15 days:

It eliminates the squatters without causing inconvenience.

in 60 days:

He tirelessly to ensure your peace and your sleep, night and day by disseminating its imperceptible scent that will neutralize the nymphs upon hatching. They will be permanently eliminated during the second phase of treatment with bugator XL.

Cases of high resistance, mainly imported from USA and Canada by the thousands of travelers, spread increasingly in Europe.
These bugs, armored and hyperresistant, offset time dissemination of BUGATOR, may bites again without commissioning of bugator XL.

To be fully foolproof, we strongly recommend to choose at once BUGATOR XL pack (2 Bugator ) or BUGATOR + pack (3 bugator ) using successively:
1 - The diffuser BUGATOR green label, stops the multiplication of the infestation, bites by neutralizing, inhibiting spawning adults, nymphs and driven, private blood is essential before these phenomena. It eliminates the non-resistant bugs and nymphs.
2 - The diffuser BUGATOR XL blue label, target particularly resistant bugs and nymphs, and decimating, totally sanitizing the treated areas.

3 - The diffuser BUGATOR + black label, target resistances extreme and chronic.
Liquid solution of essential oils and plant extracts, packed in polyethylene bags inside an airtight aluminum pouch.
Cut both corners of the aluminum package in order to allow the evaporation of the essential oils contained in the closed polyethylene bag which serves as a self diffuser.
Place under bed or couch or in a corner of the room at floor level, away from draughts.  Each diffuser will cover an area of 20 square meters (200 squre feet).  From 12 to 24 hours after opening, it will neutralize bites.  Bedbugs will be eliminated in a few days.  
Open closets, drawers, suitcases, etc. which may contain bedbug eggs to allow diffuser to treat their contents as well.
After biting stops, dead bedbugs will be found on the floor, in sheets, under the mattress and in cracks.  Allow the diffuser to function for 30 days in order to ensure that the room has been fully treated.
Each bedbug can lay 4 to 5 eggs a day for a total of 400, and eggs hatch after 21 days.  This delayed and staggered hatching period means that it is difficult to eliminate the infestation using traditional chemical methods.  The nymphs which are extremely voracious and resistant need blood to develop.  Our diffuser, functioning day and night, will ensure their elimination immediately on hatching.  After 30 days, the treatment is 100% effective.
When an entire apartment building is infested, all rooms of all apartments must be treated at the same time tp prevent recurrence due to the rapid proliferation of the insects.



Such as smoke, perfumes tend to rise into the air. Bugs, nymphs and especially in seeking to protect themselves often take refuge along the ground, under carpets. During treatment, try to lift the carpet or other measures likely to hide them from ground level where they could escape their fate.

  You can aerate the treated room, while avoiding to open two windows at once, or a door and a window, thus stimulating drafts, and leave to escape the stored perfumes.

In addition to the broadcasts, we advise you not to stick to the walls but the beds a few inches to prevent easy access.

You can immerse the feet of beds in plastic boxes or metal, filled with a little oil level, to drown the bugs fleeing beds or who want to access it.

Failing boxes , you can cut empty bottles of water to a height of 6 to 7 cm and place the feet of beds inside for the duration of treatment.

  Dismantle bed is very advisable, since bugs often accumulate in the amounts and leave little room for free perfumes, whose circulation then insufficient in these hiding prevents the destruction of bugs.

To avoid the tedious job of removing, you can bring a syringe full of bleach, that is injected into the interstices of the amount of beds, and in all other cracks located in the room (walls, other furniture etc, ..).
Take care not to discolor the bleach effects around.

For rooms larger than 30 m2 (200 square feet) :
For 30-40 m2 : Use two diffusers at opposite ends of the room.
For larger rooms : Use one diffuser for every 20 m2


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